Scale Up Your Internet Startup

This book is about my struggle from starting all over been privileged to learn from and work with.

My mentors span a period of more than 40 years. Brother B. richard, F.S.C., Dr. Francisco ramirez and the rebels in the high school class of ‘62. the De La Salle Brothers in college. Dr. Bonifacio Sibayan, Dr. Henry Feenstra and Dr. Vic ordoñez and russ allen (mBa Harvard) of Philippine Normal College.

Business associates like Sixto roxas, Nena alcuaz reyes of Covey Leadership Center, Secretary Luis Villafuerte, Dr. Bill Byham, and roy Navarro and Washington Sycip of SGV. and now, Bo Sanchez and his mastermind group of super successful mavens.

I don’t write about all of them in this book but they’ve all served as role models, mentoring me in frameworks like the 4 Ps: positioning, packaging, promoting and partnering.

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